CopyRow class

This class encodes one row of arbitrary columns for transmission as COPY data in text format. See the COPY command for description of the format.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with PG::Connection#put_copy_data .

The columns are expected as Array of values. The single values are encoded as defined in the assigned type_map. If no type_map was assigned, all values are converted to strings by PG::TextEncoder::String.

Example with default type map ( TypeMapAllStrings ):

conn.exec "create table my_table (a text,b int,c bool)"
enco =
conn.copy_data "COPY my_table FROM STDIN", enco do
  conn.put_copy_data ["astring", 7, false]
  conn.put_copy_data ["string2", 42, true]

This creates my_table and inserts two rows.

It is possible to manually assign a type encoder for each column per PG::TypeMapByColumn, or to make use of PG::BasicTypeMapBasedOnResult to assign them based on the table OIDs.

See also PG::TextDecoder::CopyRow for the decoding direction with PG::Connection#get_copy_data .