Strelka Ideas

This is in-progress documentation for stuff that doesn't yet work, but is planned for a future release.

Everything here is subject to change, but we'll try to keep this document up-to-date if it does.

/bin/strelka CLI App

Show a list of installed applications:

$ strelka discover
Searching for Strelka applications...


config-service  strelka-admin   strelka-setup


Set up an application's runtime directory and add a route for it to an existing mongrel2 config database:

$ mkdir /service/cms
    $ cd /service/cms
$ strelka -c /usr/local/etc/mongrel2.sqlite setup strelka-cms content-manager

The application can register pre- and post-install hooks that run migrations, prompt for config values, etc.

Then, to start the app:

$ cd /service/cms
$ strelka --sudo start

This stuff will probably use Isolate for gem sandboxing.

Strelka Applications

Future Plugins

гав! (woof!)

Make a MacOS X tool like Pow! that makes it easy to run Strelka apps with a minimum of setup.


Planned features: