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Parameter validation and untainting for Strelka apps.

When you include the :parameters plugin, you can declare valid parameters, specify constraints that describe what they should contain, and automatically untaint the incoming values that match.

Parameter Declaration

Parameters are declared using the param declarative:

class UserManager < Strelka::App

    plugin :parameters

    param :email
    param :id, /\d+/, "The user's numeric ID"
    param :mode, /^\s*(?<prefix>[A-Z]{2})-(?<sku>\p{Print}+)/

    # ...

end # class UserManager

The first item is the parameter key, which corresponds to the field 'name' attribute for a form, or the key for JSON or YAML data.

The second item is the constraint, which specifies what the value in that parameter should look like if it's valid. This can be one of several things:

[a Regexp]

The parameter value, as a String, is matched against the Regexp and validates if the pattern matches. If the Regexp contains one match group, and the pattern matches, the validated value will be the capture from that group. If it contains two or more match groups, the new value is an Array of the captures from the match. If the pattern contains at least one named capture group, the value will be a Hash of the captures from the named capture groups. Note that you cannot intermix named and positional capture groups.

[a Symbol]

The parameter value is matched using a built-in constraint. The current built-in constraints are documented in the ParamValidator API documentation. As a shortcut, if the parameter's key is the same as a built-in constraint, you can omit the constraint from the declaration.

[a Proc or Method]

The parameter (or parameters in the case where there are more than one value) are passed to the given Proc, and the Proc should return what the validated value of the parameter should be. If it's invalid, the Proc should raise a RuntimeError.

Parameter Routing

The inclusion of this plugin also allows you to use parameters in your routes:

# :username gets validated and merged into query args; URI parameters
# clobber query params
get '/info/:username' do |req|
    req.params.add( :id, /[XRT]\d{4}-\d{8}/ )
    req.params.values_at( :id, :username )


Add more docs.

Public Instance Methods

handle_request( request, &block )

Add a ParamValidator to the given request before passing it on.

# File lib/strelka/app/parameters.rb, line 124
def handle_request( request, &block )
        self.log.debug "[:parameters] Wrapping request with parameter validation."

        validator = self.class.paramvalidator.dup
        validator.validate( request.params )
        request.params = validator